Baking soda blaster

Count on MMM&P for full engine cleaning such as bead blasting and chemical spray washing.

Our baking soda blaster is used for those cleaning jobs where glass bead retention would be a problem.  It can be used to clean combustion chambers with the head assembled.  Final washing removes all media.  Also great to remove silicone sealer and powder coatings.

Pro Ultrasonics - Cleaning Equipment

Pro Ultrasonics

With Pro Ultrasonics, you will get precision cleaning that is safe for both employees and the environment.  Cleaning is automatic, allowing staff to focus on more productive tasks.

Am/Pro - Sunnen Heat Cleaning

Sunnen Heat Cleaning

This tri-phase process consists of a thermal oven, airless blaster & shaker cool-down unit.  The process removes all paint, rust, and mineral deposits in water jacket areas to make your casting look like new.

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