Cylinder Head & Block Department

Cylinder Head & Block Department

At Manitowoc Motor Machining Company, we can perform full cylinder head reconditioning including:Cylinder Head s

  • valve seat refacing
  • injector tube installation
  • pressure testing & more

We have the equipment and the expertise to repair any cylinder head - cast iron or aluminum, large or small, we do them all. 

Master Machinist Tom is shown using our new Rottler SG8 to machine the seat angles on an IH, C200 tractor head.  When this process is completed, a gas-tight seal will be achieved without lapping the valves.  This head will then be vacuumed tested, assembled and returned to the customer for assembly.

Rottler resurfacer

Our new Rottler SF7M resurfacing a John Deere 4010 cylinder head using a CBN cutter.  This is the latest technology in "exact" surface finish and flatness.  After this procedure is completed, the head will be cleaned, assembled and ready to go back to work


Cylinder Block Rottler Honing
Rottler Automatic HP6A

Our new Rottler Honing machine features a programmable roughing and finish cycle.  Because it is computer controlled, you can be assured that each cylinder will receive an identical finish.

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