Crankshaft Department

Crankshaft Department

Magnafluxing, straightening, regrinding, polishing, and balancing are the services provided by ASE certified machinists.  Our Gleason Submerged Arc Welder is capable of building up a rod or main journals as well as worn seal surfaces.  We can also repair worn surfaces on most any type of shaft

  • We can build up any seal or bearing surface shafts from punch presses, electric motors, farm equipment etc.
  • Spray metalizing is available for those items that require a lower temperature buildup process.

Mark, master machinist, (left) is shown regrinding bearing journals for a large industrial crankshaft.

"Performance work" isn't just limited to sports cars and "agricultural jobs" aren't all farm tractors. This crank is going into a 500 cid John Deere Super Farm tractor pulling the engine.

Manitowoc Motor Machining Company
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