Special Equipment

Special Eqiuipment

Rottler F67A

META-LAX sub-harmonic vibratory stress relief
Bonal Technologies Inc., Model 2700-CC

This process removes thermal stress by applying mild vibrations to a metal component at a sub-harmonic frequency, producing accelerated motion of the atoms in the crystal, which then restores the natural configuration.  Bonal's META-LAX process speeds this natural transformation so that it occurs in 20-30 minutes with obvious benefits to metal.  Our new model 2700 features computerized operation and allows for two modes - automatic stress relief and automatic weld conditioning.  Ask us for details!

This 4-axis CNC mill was designed specifically for blueprint machining on high performance engine components.  File transfer allowed with CAD/CAM programs for those specialty machining jobs including engraving

Rottler SF7M

This dry-milling block & head surfacing machine is complete with dual axis head leveling fixture for precision surface finishes.

DYNO Testing

Our Stuska Trackmaster Dyno can handle speeds up to 9000 RPM and 1600 HP, offering exceptional engine testing capabilities using tried and true water brake technology.

Pro-Ultrasonics 3624

The 3624 precision cleaning machine by Pro-Ultrasonics hasa total liquid capacity of 60 gallons, stainless steel construction, filtration system, programmable controls, insulated tank, and low liquid level protection sensor.

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